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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dance Impartation 2-Dine in Grace

Dine in Grace


Cynthia Thomas-Rustin
804-306-5958 Direct Line

More Info From: Cynthia your host of Frankcynts and Dance Impartation 2011

Thank you for attending the Dance Impartation 2011 and intro. to Frankncynts Cafe'. Thank you for inviting a friend and being a blessings to us.

If you missed the Dance Impartation 2011-Intro to Frankncynts Cafe' you must join me on April 29, 2011-Friday at 6pm. It is an experience of a life time.
We would like to introduce you and your friends to our Frankncynts Cafe' Friday Theme: Dine in Grace
You will have the opportunity to be the first to sample our Friday Night Dinner Plate.

Space is limited...Reservations is a must by April 23 to secure your space.

Ask about reserving a table for 4- $18 per person
(must be 4 in your group) or $20 per Individual

All Inclusive in this Reservation

Special Guest Songtress while you relax and enjoy the atmosphere.
Invite your girlfriend, Dance Ministry, sister, hair stylist, next door neighbor, or even your MOM.

Date: April 29th, 2011 Friday Evening

Fellowship Opener
Meet and Greet with Go Green Spinach Drink
Green Fizzer with Mandrian Orange mix

Seating @ 6:45pm

7pm Sharp

Salad of Eden

Main Feast
Chicken Zion -Never cooked in oil

Ezekiel String beans

Stuff Pasta Pomoganate Base
or Sweet Pota' Rounds

Dessert & Tea
Key Lime Delight Pie-Vegan toped with Teasure Chest Cookie Blend
(No Milk Eggs or Sugar used for the pie filler)
Refreshing Mint Blend Tea
$20 individuals or $18 group rate-must have 4 in your group

Pay Now with Paypal:)

Once you have confirmed a Paypal Invoice will be sent or call Cynthia to RSVP.

Please confirm your attendance space is limited.
Cynthia Thomas-Rustin 804-497-7417
Location of Event: 7037 Staples Mill Rd.
Richmond, Va. 23228 804-306-5958 Direct line

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dance Registration for Gospel Dance and Dance Impartation 2011

Gospel Dance 2011

Register for Gospel Dance at its Best $25
Dance Impartation $15
Donation $20 Feel free to make a donation.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Gospel Dance Registration- Auditions

Gospel Dance at its Best 2011

Saturday-August 6, 2011 Carpenter Theatre-Center Stage
600 E. Grace St. 7pm
Richmond, Va. 23219

Get your Tickets Today! 804-497-7417
Sponsored by: International Fit Dance / African American Repertory Theatre
Contact person: Cynthia Thomas-Rustin

On August 6, 2011 Gospel Dance at its Best will be joined with high-energy Dance Ministers and Anointed Guest

This night promises to be filled with passion, power, and excitement! Clear your schedule and come witness a spectacular night at the Carpenter Theatre-Center Stage on August 6th, 2011 sponsored by International Fit Dance, Inc., and the African American Repertory Theatre.

Auditions are open to appear on Gospel Dance at its Best. Dancers can register by going to: Gospeldance2011@gmail.com. Include a recent photo, name, address, city, state, zip, age, $25 registration fee and style of dance. Dancers may send a utube video-or mail a DVD.

Gospel Dance at its Best
Please Print
City____________________ State________ Zip_____
Date of Birth___________________ Age___________
Email/ Facebook ___________________________________

Do you a utube like? If so, add the link __________________________________________

Name of Dance Minister/Team______________________________________________________________________________________

Style of Dance_______________________________________

Name of your music and artist___________________________________________________________________________________________________
How many on the team or auditioning? _____________

Church you are attend________________________________
Phone______________ website_________________________ Event Location: Carpenter Theatre-Center Stage
Registration Included ________________ ($25)
(Must include registration fee)

I know this is a preliminary to see if I will be selected to appear for Gospel Dance at its Best
held on August 6, 2011.

under 18 parent signature required
Date __________